Specialities We Provide

Discover nature from your cottage window


The dining area is brightly lit and the porch with magnificent views of the Himalayas.


Accommodation to food at our place carries the freshness of clean environment.


Pack your bags and take your family on a Himalayan vacation.


Our rooms offer magnificent views of the valley and the surrounding region.


We wish to introduce our newly built property located in Hills Queen "Shimla" ready to host the guests during the Christmas and new Year celebrations. Following are the B&B details for your reference-:

Description of Property

The White Haven is a top notch newly built property very near to the City Center.
Our accommodation perfectly blends modern facilities with contemporary living, which is apparent from the well-furnished rooms. There are King-sized beds, large windows and plenty of space for our esteemed guests. Each of these rooms have attached bathroom having all state-of-the-art faculties that you crave for. Every element of our accommodation is going make your stay unforgettable for years to come.
The large sitting area adorned in contemporary settings eases you into a conversation dominated by positivity. Whole ambiance of the space teleports you to another world where you are living in the moment, ready for another day of adventure in Shimla.

Our Facilities

Our staff caters to your needs around the clock, making your stay seamless. Moreover, other modern day facilities like free WiFi, free parking and LED TVs connected to DTH. Set in the picturesque valley of Shimla Hills, The White Haven is your destination to enjoy tranquil stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The pollution-free environment of this place is tailor-made for a family vacation or a romantic getaway.

All the rooms in B&B have modern amenities which will make your stay comfortable. Also, the home cooked food at our place makes you feel at home every moment. In a way, our homestay is your home away from home. If you’ve always wished for a rememberable trip, then our property will definitely be a part of your memories. The B&B is located approximately 4.5 miles away from Shimla town.

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